domenica 7 novembre 2010


There's a moment, right after the satisfaction of having created something and before you get the urge to create something new, where you can get a sort of empty contentment feeling. At that precise moment it's difficult and pointless, unless you have an obligation and directives, start to create something else in freedom.

If you try you have first to commit much, as if it were necessary a physical effort to extract ideas from the brain, and sometimes it can be almost painful. Moreover, the results of this effort may not have any connection with feelings, emotions or situations, and reflect only the emptiness of which they are made,  depriving more satisfaction and making it even more painful steps in creation.  

We can not find any sense (at any level), if not the sheer mechanics of creation. This is "Nonsensation" .. :-)

(..."Nonsensation" is a sketch made in a "nonsensational" moment then digitally painted. The painting process it's more satisfacting because it gives a direct sense in what you're doing and, at the end, it give sense also at the "nonsensational" moment... :-P on the image to enlarge it!)


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