venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Edding Wall of Fame

I just finished to work on a graphic and I found the Edding Wall-of-Fame website where you can draw using virtual edding markers (if noone else is using them) on a big big white surface. Without delete, with viewers that can also leave comments and so on. Like a big public piece of paper! :-)

...and so I quickly did what my mind told me to do around a small, strange, linear shape of head with a long nose that already was there (and, you will see, the surface is really big and drawings are small and a lot... but somonene started drawing on mine after 3 minutes I made it... haha! I take it like a compliment! :-D ).

Here is my drawing into the Edding Wall-of-Fame:

...and here you can see a small part of the surface (can you see my drawing? :-P)

...funny night interactions... :-P

...and another one here:


venerdì 7 gennaio 2011


The 1st drawing (but maybe "sketch" in this case it's better) of 2011 is totally handmade directly with black marker and then coloured markers.